Who We Are


Bernard and Evelyn Hartshorn were instrumental in establishing several churches in Ohio. They moved to Weeki Wachee, Florida in 1973. Immediately, they saw the need to start a congregation in their community. The following year in 1974, they helped to establish a church which began to meet at Weeki Wachee Christian Camp where they served as caretakers. John Griffis began preaching for the small church. The Pinellas Park Congregation, along with its elders; Ken Willis and Joseph Stover, supported the congregation spiritually and financially. Bro Willis (who was also the minister at Pinellas Park) wrote many letters to Deltona Corporation in an effort to receive our present property as a gift.

A Ground Breaking ceremony was held on October 31, 1981 on the newly acquired property. By August 1982, a total of $90,000 had been raised and an additional $20,000 had been borrowed by a Christian Brother.

On November 14, 1982, the first service was held in the new building at the corner of Deltona and Elgin. The church’s name was changed from the Weeki Wachee Church Of Christ to the Spring Hill Church Of Christ. A formal dedication and Open House was held the following month on December 4, 1982. In 1983 all the money that was borrowed was paid back and in 1984 the church was debt free.